🎼 The Art and Music ♬ Hotels Mana Mansion Hakone Resort

"Manatei Hakone Resort"
【Five Commitments】

① Indoor Art Gallery
· Paintings of famous artists from various countries are displayed in all guestrooms and the hallways.
· We are selling discount admission tickets in cooperation with neighboring  POLA Museum of Art in Sengokuhara and giving out discount coupons of many museums in Hakone area.

② Healing by music in various genres
· 5th Floor <Front / Lobby >
☆ Piano instrumental music
A grand piano placed in the Lobby
Every Saturday: Welcoming piano performance by professional artists (15: 00-18: 00)
Once a month: Lobby concert of jazz or classic music (17: 00-18: 00)
BGM in the lobby: Piano instrumental music
The piano sound suits the antique furniture being arranged in the lobby.

· 3rd floor <restaurant Hayakawa>
☆ Jazz & light music
Evening : Classic jazz numbers familiar to everyone
Morning : Nature sounds pleasant music
Enjoy delicious cuisine and drinks at Hayakawa Restaurant.

· 1st floor < Private open-air bath · Beauty treatment salon · Rest space>
☆ Healing music
Relax your mind and body in the space where healing music flows.

③ Private self-flowing source hot spring
· The temperature of self-flowing hot spring in Hakone Miyanoshita is about 50 degrees, and its source of "simple alkaline", good heat retention after taking a bath, is known as "beautiful-skin water" that makes your skin soft and smooth.
· You can enjoy taking a bath in a guest room (sweet rooms only),  public baths, or free private open-air baths.
※ All the baths in our hotel are flowing straight from the hot spring source.

④ Healthy creative Japanese cuisine featuring organic vegetables
· Talented and energetic young chef, Shinkichi Fujibashi's original menu -- creative Japanese cuisine is using plenty of organic vegetables. Enjoy tasteful and healthy dinner and breakfast cuisine at dinner and breakfast at restaurant "Hayakawa" on the 3rd floor.

⑤ Friendly customer service at the hospitality-rich employees' home
· All employees will be greeted with "heart of Japanese hospitality".
· Hakone is the most famous sightseeing spot in Kanto with history. It is a hotel mana residence Hakone resort with an international atmosphere that many Japanese, Chinese, Chinese customers also use. There are many staff who can speak English and Chinese. Please do not hesitate to hear your voice.

  • On July 15, we opened a sister house, Mana Mansion Nasu.
  • It is an inn of Taisho Romant which is surrounded by paintings and antiques.
  • The theme of medicine bath and Takahara vegetable dish is the theme of health promotion.
  • Opening Special Plan underway (from Wakayama Room 23,000 yen, Wako Room 17,000 yen, Japanese Room 15,000 yen)