Manatei Hakone - Hakone, Kanagawa, 250-0404, Japan

About public bath & private bath

  • Q: Bath is hot spring?

A: ●2 public bath, 3 time sharing private bath, room bath are all hot spring "Sokokura-Onsen"

  • Q: How many public bath are in the hotel?

A: ●We have one for men, and one for ladies.

  • Q: Do I need reservation to use private bath by the hour?

A: NO, you don't need reservation to use time private bath by the hour.

  • Q: Do I need extra charge to use time sharing private bath?

A: No, you don't need extra charge to use time sharing private bath.

  • Q: What time can I use public bath & private bath?

A: public bath & private bath: 15:00~24:00/ 6:00~10:00

  • Q:Is there the sauna?

A:We have 1 in each public bath. One for men, and one for ladies. 

  • Q:What is prepared in public bath?

A: Bathtowel/Towel/Shampoo/Conditioner/Body soap/Brush/Tissue/Cotton swab/Dryer/Lotion/Emulsion/After-shave lotion & hair tonic for men

■About Relaxation & Aroma

  • Q: When can I start the reservation of relaxation & aroma?・

A: You can make reservation 2 months before. Please call 0460-86-0810 for the reservation.

Manatei Hakone
Miyanoshita 469-1, Ashigarashimogun
Hakone, Kanagawa, 250-0404, Japan
Call: 0460 86 0810


Manatei Hakone