Manatei Hakone - Hakone, Kanagawa, 250-0404, Japan

About Rooms

  • Q:Are there several types of guest rooms?

A: ●Twin: 2 - 3 people capacity = 31m2
●Deluxe twin:2 - 4 people capacity = 47m2
●Suite A: 2 - 4 people capacity = 55-60m2
●Suite B: 2 - 4 people capacity = 41-49m2

  • Q:Are all guest rooms with an outdoor hot spring bath?

A: Five Suite rooms are with a semi open-air hot spring bath.

  • Q: Is the outdoor bath of the guest room a hot spring?

A: The outdoor bath of the guest room is a hot spring.

  • Q: When it is more than two people, what happens to the bedding?

A: Because there is preparation with futon in the room, please spread futon in the space of a tatami mat or the day bed.
※We bring the futon at your designated time from 15:00 p.m. to 22:00 p.m.

  • Q: Are there the bedding and the night clothes for children?

A: There is no preparation for bedding for child. When it is necessary, please use futon for adults. The night clothes for child prepare only middle size (120cm).

  • Q: Is there the non-smoking room?

A: Smoking is prohibited within the building. Three smoking sections are available but all of them are outside.

  • Q:May I bring in drinks?

A: Please do not bring it in other than the thing which you bought with the vending machine in the hotel.

  • Q: Is the Internet available?

A: We prepare a PC for the lobby. In addition, you can use the wireless LAN in the same way in a lobby.

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